Privacy Policy

This website is run by the Zürich Veloton Cycling Club (ZVCC), located in Zürich, Switzerland, and an association in the sense of Art. 60ff, ZGB. You may contact the club’s organizers via

To facilitate events run by the club, we may collect the following data from you:

  • Basic Strava profile information (e.g. user ID, name)
  • Email address (if notifications are enabled)
  • Attendance record to events hosted by the ZVCC

We will use this data for the management of upcoming events as well as for historical analysis by Veloton's organizers. We will store this data for an indefinite amount of time. Attendance records will not be shared with third parties. Your data is stored on servers located in Switzerland. The front-end is served from various locations around the world.

Usage of the “Veloton Events” app ( is voluntary, but signing up for rides is not possible without. The functionality can only be used by authenticating with your Strava account. If you do not authorize the application via Strava, no data will be collected. You may also stop using the service at any time. To do so, go to and select “Revoke Access” for the “Veloton Events” app. Your attendance records will thereafter be anonymized until you reauthorize the application.

You have the right to request an export of all records associated with your account, as well as full deletion of your application usage history. To do so, please contact

This website uses cookies to allow you to stay logged in to the application. Furthermore, this website relies on the services of the following third-party providers to enable the application. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for more details:

  • Strava: authentication services, basic profile information, and information about (public) activities in compliance with Strava’s API agreement
  • Webling: platform supporting ZVCC member management and membership fees
  • Mapbox: rendering of static route preview images
  • Grafana: collection of system health metrics & logs, persisted for 14 days
  • Google Fonts: fonts for the website