About Zürich Veloton

We all faced the same problem: arriving in a new city and trying to look for a group to ride our bikes with.

Some of us were lucky enough to type in the proper search terms to come across a group over the Meetup platform , where some rides would be organized every now and then. But finding something like this wasn't as obvious and easy as one might think.

Over time, the group of riders grew organically, including a mix of habitual fellow local and expat cyclists. This stressed the need to have a dedicated cycling group to organize rides and activities around Zürich; that's how Zürich Veloton Cycling Club came to life.

Veloton aims to deliver on the social and fun aspects of cycling, while also stressing on being inclusive — we are women and men, young or in a second youth, coming from multiple backgrounds and countries, speaking many different languages.

From time to time, we also like to be competitive :)

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